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With cookies we make our website user-friendly. In this cookie notice you will find our information, what cookies are, which cookies we use, why these cookies are used, how long we store cookies for and how you can delete cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files in which information is stored. We or other parties place these text files on your computer or mobile device. On your next visit, for example, we will read your preferences or login details in the text file. This way you do not have to specify your preferences each time, which enables us to make the website more user-friendly. Under the section 'overview cookies' you can see which cookies we use and what they are used for.

Please note: If you do not give us permission to use cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website or part of it will work properly.


We may change the information in this cookie policy without notice. Changes are necessary, for example, if we update our website or if legislation is changed. We recommend that you regularly check whether the information provided and the text of this cookie statement have changed.

Overview cookies:

Functional cookies
We use functional cookies to make our website work properly. No consent is required to use these cookies. They are cookies that ensure that preferences are stored, information is remembered when you go to another subpage, login details are stored and it is remembered whether you have given permission for cookies to be used. This also applies to our chat feature from Zendesk. We have an agreement with Zendesk to process your data anonymously.

Social media and Google Maps cookies
We do not use social media cookies. In order to show maps, Google Maps uses cookies.

Tracking cookies
We are constantly improving our website by analysing how you use our website, how you found us and where any difficulties occur. For this purpose, cookies are used by Google Analytics. We have signed an agreement with Google and your data will be treated anonymously and will under no circumstances be shared with Google.

Advertising cookies
We do not use the collected data for advertising purposes. We do not use marketing cookies.
We do not keep the cookies longer than legally required and strictly necessary for the execution of the purposes.
The cookies used by other parties are subject to their cookie policy. These may change in the mean time. The current cookie policy can be found on the website of the party concerned.

You can also delete cookies
You can delete cookies via your internet browser (the program with which you view websites). How to do this depends on your internet browser. We have created a short manual for the most common internet browsers.

Google Chrome: Go to settings, click on advanced settings, click on delete browsing data, select cookies and other site and plug-in data and click on delete browsing data.

Internet Explorer: Go to settings, click Clear browsing data, select cookies and saved website data and click Clear.

Safari: Go to preferences, click on security, click on show cookies, click on delete all or select one or more cookies and click on delete.

Mozilla Firefox: Go to the menu and choose options, select privacy, choose to use custom settings for Firefox history, click show cookies, click delete all cookies or select one or more cookies and click delete selected.

Is your Internet browser not listed? Or have the settings changed in the meantime? Then use the help or search function of your internet browser.