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With the carefully composed, elaborate exercises, Rob van Dijk allows you to begin immediately.

The goal of the exercises and trainings that have been put together is to bring young goalkeepers to a higher level of performance. Many of the exercises are also suitable for senior goalkeepers aswell.

The exercises are equipped with a detailed explanation, variations, key points and a clear drawing. With most exercises you can watch video footage to get an even better picture of the exercise or training in question.

Whether you want to work with your goalkeepers for half an hour, an hour or an hour and a half, there are options for you to do this. Through the filtering function on the website, you decide which part of goalkeeping you want to train with your goalkeepers. You can compose your own training sessions or you can directly download, print or view complete training sessions of about 60 minutes on your cellphone or tablet on the training field. is the one and only online goalkeepers training website, indispensable for clubs and individual goalkeepers. The exercises and trainings help goalkeepers every training session to achieve a higher skill level. Moreover, the personal development and internal and external scouting program ensures that goalkeepers can be trained in a targeted and effective way.

As a goalkeeper, do you want to take to the field quickly and easily with an effective program?

You or your club can also become a member! Send an email to and ask about the possibilities and prices. You can also check out the tab subscribe on the homepage for more information.